If you have ever been overwhelmed by the Thanksgiving meal, imagine cooking ten Thanksgiving turkey's on ten Weber grills simultaneously! Do you need some good "Hang Time" on a soup drip or do you need to photograph ice drinks on location during the heat of summer?  All in a day's work for this food professional with over a dozen years of varied food styling experience.

Corrine Kozlak combines top-notch culinary skills with a vibrant artistic vision and an 'easy-going' sense of humor, this makes her one of the most in-demand styling experts in Chicago.  Oprah, Bobby Flay, Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray, Tyler Florence, Sarah Lee, Chase and Sheila Lukens are among the celebrities for whom Corrine Kozlak has prepared live television and film demonstration food.  She has also coordinated multiple special food events all over the country for Kraft Kitchens.

While maintaining her freelance career, Corrine has served as staff food stylist for the Chicago Tribune for four years.  Her patience and persistence allow her to work in a wide variety of cooking and shooting situations without limiting her creative energy.

She has prepared food for both the editorial and advertising side of media for television, film and print.  She has also done recipe testing, menu planning, food event coordination, media tours, product concept work, and craft work sampling.  She has a knack for finding just the right food solution for every challenge.

Corrine attended the University of Minnesota, St. Mary's College and culinary school at Kendall College.